Caviar Counterfeiting and DNA testing

An important topic in the world of caviar that is not discussed with the consumer, is to do with the issues around caviar counterfeiting. 

Producers/Suppliers may ‘mistakenly’ mix or replace a certain caviar with another, after all they do all look quite similar. These mishaps can be costly as caviar is generally bought by the kilo and depending on the species and type of caviar, prices can vary greatly.

It is always important to ensure that you are sourcing caviar from a reputable source; as in some occasions, caviars can be blended from different countries without it being advertised to the customer, or different caviar types can be mixed and sold as one specific type.

These practices may even fool people who have been in the industry for years, that is why DNA testing caviar is important in validating claims that suppliers may make and is a concept we are proud to support.

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