How are we different?

Our approach has always been on quality and transparency; we feel one does not go without the other.

The world of caviar is extremely fascinating, a luxurious product that can be so uplifting. An item that is used for celebrations, special occasions and treating oneself.

As we started this adventure we saw that the industry had a lot of grey areas with regards to how caviar's are marketed, as well as large variations in the quality of the caviar that the customer was receiving.

This includes examples such as:

Products being branded with names that don't represent them, or countries of origin being misrepresented and more.

We felt that people need to feel comfortable, safe and well informed when spending hard-earned money on such a special product.

That is why a large part of our focus is on promoting transparency and clarity from our products through to our marketing. 

We are at your disposal for any questions, guidance, or support that you may require.