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Beluga (Huso Huso) Caviar

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Shelf Life and Storage:

Shelf life is 6 months after date of production. This item must be consumed within 14 days after opening. This product must be kept refrigerated at a temperature between -3 to 3 degrees Celsius. 

Origin - Belgium

Ingredients - Unpasteurised Beluga (Huso Huso) Sturgeon Roe, salt and borax

Referenced in many movies and in pop culture this great caviar lives up to all the glam. This particular product is 100% unpasteurised therefore it retains that great natural taste. 

The sturgeon from which this caviar originates lives to the approximate age of 18 years. This beluga caviar has a greyish ebony shade to it. When tasted this caviar will have a delicate salt flavour which is followed by a richer and creamier after-taste. The sturgeon which produces this caviar are farmed 100% in Belgium.