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There are  approximately 16 blinis per pack. Each pack has a net weight of 162g.

Important: Kindly scroll to the bottom for info on receiving the product chilled and refreezing.

Tracing it's roots to Russian and Ukrainian cuisine blinis are a great complimentary product to a variety of caviars. Although from it's origins blinis have been traditionally made with Buckwheat flour or wheat they can also be made from all purpose flour. 

These blinis can be enjoyed with any choice of caviar that you enjoy. They also pair very well with smoked salmon. Blinis are a great choice when treating yourself to caviar as they balance out the flavour of the caviar. 

Chilled and Refreezing Information:

Our shipments are sent out frozen and tend to arrive at your door at a very low temperature (We cannot guarantee the exact temperature in which they arrive). If the product is still cold, at fridge temperature (5C degrees or below), then you may refreeze the product. Below are links from the GOV.UK website and USDA which explain this and give further insights.

USDA Refreezing

GOV.UK Refreezing

If you cannot confirm whether the temperature of the product is similar to your fridge temperature (5C degrees or below) then do not refreeze.