Super Colossal White King Prawns Peeled and Deveined - Nt. 800g

Super Colossal White King Prawns Peeled and Deveined - Nt. 800g

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Super Colossal White Vannamei King prawns Peeled and Deveined - 1kg in a pack  (Warm Water Farmed)- 8-12 in a pound - (Indian, Bangladeshi or Vietnamese). Net weight of 800g.

These are counted per pound, so each pack will contain approx. 20-22 prawns per pack.

Important: Kindly scroll to the bottom for info on receiving the product chilled and refreezing.

Mainly originating from the Asian region this prawn variety is packed with a delightful flavour. This jumbo-size variety of white vannamei really stands out due to its huge size. It's custom stripes set it apart from other species of prawn. These stripes are dark in colour and they appear on the flesh of the prawn. The shell also has a dark shade of grey. 

This flavoursome variety of prawns will arrive peeled and without their head and shell.

The vein has been PULLED out of the prawn and not cut. This means that the prawn is and will remain in its natural shape even after cutting. Most prawns have their backs cut and the vein scraped out.  

Nutritional Information

 Typical Values Per 100g
Energy 310kj/73kcal
Fat 0.8g
Of which Saturates 0.1g
Carbohydrates <0.1g
Of which Sugars <0.1g
Protein 16.5g
Salt 0.44g


Chilled and Refreezing Information:

Our shipments are sent out frozen and tend to arrive at your door at a very low temperature (We cannot guarantee the exact temperature at which they arrive). If the product is still cold, at fridge temperature (5C degrees or below), then you may refreeze the product. Below are the links from the GOV.UK website and USDA which explain this and give further insights.

USDA Refreezing

GOV.UK Refreezing

If you cannot confirm whether the temperature of the product is similar to your fridge temperature (5C degrees or below) then do not refreeze.

 Prawn Size Chart