Delivery Terms of Service

Whilst Caviar Purveyors will work very hard to dispatch and get your purchase to you within the time period provided on our delivery page it is important to acknowledge that there are instances in which delays which are out of our control may prevent this. Therefore, we cannot 100% gaurantee the exact arrival time.  

When your purchase is dispatched it will be chilled in the case of caviar and frozen in the case of salmon, blinis and prawns. However, Caviar Purveyors can not 100% gaurantee the condition in which your purchase will arrive. 

As such we have provided Government advice on how to handle chilled products in the case of salmon, blini and prawn products. 

It is important to acknowledge that the goods may arrived chilled in the case of salmon, blini and prawn products. However, this does not affect the quality and can be re-frozen based on the information provided in the articles below and on our website (on each salmon. blini and prawn product page).

In addition, if the caviar arrives and it is not completely chilled this is fine so long as the temperature does not exceed the following;

8 degrees celcius for all caviar varieites.

By acknowledging this disclaimer you agree that you have familiarized yourself with the information on frozen and chilled products provided on each salmon, blini and prawn product page and in the links below as well as the above information on the chilled temperature of the Caviar. 

GOV.UK Refreezing

USDA Refreezing

In addition, it is acknowledged that if there is any issue regarding the product or service this must be brought up within 1 hour of having received your purchase so that we can act to help you.